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Dr. Ahmed Profile

I am an ophthalmic surgeon by profession with keen interest in various forms of art. I have travelled all over the world and never missed an opportunity to visit museums and art exhibitions.

I have used various media and material to make sculptures. I have produced large sculptures for garden and outdoor display made of steel or wood. For indoor I have produced sculptures made of various kinds of wood and cast patina bronze.

My works are characterized by simplicity and modernity that invites everyone to touch and feel the sculptures. My pursuit is to produce better quality works that make people feel joy and delight, through viewing them.

I aspire to tell a story that can be understood anywhere in the world. In my own case, the story always has to do with beauty, inspiring the viewer to touch and feel the art work. It is a never-ending challenge, to be able to do better work. The viewer really matters to me. My goal is to capture his/her attention and to inspire thought and raise questions. The sculpture exists through evoking the feelings, thoughts and imagination of the viewer..